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but no seriously. paradox space. the recent update that just came out two minutes ago? do you even REALIZE how many gamtav shippers are going to bounce off the walls in glee? also, those pictures. gamzee most likely drew them, right? so gamzee drew him and tav having sloppy makeouts and then called it smut. and then let tav win. and then millions of fangirls die because of this. and also, eridan still has the bunny in his mouth. now to all you Homestucks who have yet to hear about paradox space, I push you in this direction:
this explains what it is and hopefully it makes your gigapause woes lessen. do not get butthurt because it’s different or it showcases characters you don’t like. it is not focused on just them and you can skip over it if you’d like and wait for another comic to come out. this is for ALL the fans to enjoy and NOT just you. so don’t whine and complain about it. it clearly states that it can also be interpreted as hypothetical scenarios. so basically, you can view it any way you want. canon, or hypothetical. if you really don’t like it, think about it as some alternate timeline. homestuck has those y’know. so you can brush it off as some alternate timeline and go along your merry way. to actually read paradox space (or pspace) from the start, here’s the link:

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